From Worrier to Worrior

I'm about to get really vulnerable. Life wasn't always this good. I've been through my share of trials, as we all have. I hit my lowest low a few years ago. I would cry and just not understand WHY. I would worry about everything. I would just not get it. I knew I had anxiety,… Continue reading From Worrier to Worrior


Weekend Plans

This weekend is off to an AMAZING start. Friday night consisted of going to a local park, flying the drone, and meeting some adorable dogs. We then came home and watched some TV and nodded off to sleep. Pretty chill and low key night. Exactly what we needed after a long week. We woke up pretty… Continue reading Weekend Plans

Self-Care Is NOT Selfish

When I first started to implement my self-care routine I felt really selfish. I worried what others would think. Would they think that I didn't like them or want to spend time with them? Would they think I'm weird? That exact moment is when I heard my inner voice say "STOP!". Why did it matter… Continue reading Self-Care Is NOT Selfish