From Worrier to Worrior

I’m about to get really vulnerable. Life wasn’t always this good.

I’ve been through my share of trials, as we all have. I hit my lowest low a few years ago. I would cry and just not understand WHY. I would worry about everything. I would just not get it.

I knew I had anxiety, but it was crippling me to my core.

I so get it.

I know how hard life can seem. It can seem like you’re all alone with nowhere to go.

I had enough of feeling like this. So, I decided to GET REAL with myself.

I had been in counseling for quite some time, but wanted to really take is S E R I O U S L Y. So, I did.

I started setting myself up for SUCESS.

I started making friendships that are REAL.

There wasn’t an AHA! moment for me. More like little YAY! moments.

Those exciting moments started to compound. I started listening to my body.

I started learning E X A C T L Y what my body and soul needed. I started taking queues from my body and soul.

I realized I needed my alone time to rejuvenate.
I DECLARED my ME time. Not because I don’t love those around me, but because I learned to love myself.

I would learn what techniques I benefit from the most. Whether that’s aromatherapy, deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, music, yoga… the list is endless.

As I lay in my room with candles lit, incense burning, and all the lights off, I feel at peace.
I am truly humbled by the peace it brings. Listen to your body. Take queues from yourself.

Respect yourself, honor yourself, love yourself.


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