Family Dinners – Are They Worth It?

When old time sitcoms are playing on TV, there seems to be a common thread. They all show a big family dinner. Nowadays, it seems like the world is turning more towards a busy routine and just grabbing food when we can.

I totally get it. Life happens, right? We all seem to grow up, move out, and slowly disconnect from our families. Slowly, we change our gathering frequencies to be at weddings and funerals. How terrible is that?

A few years ago, my parents started having family dinners every Wednesday. My mom cooks an amazing meal, we gather around the table, and talk about our lives. When we all come together around that thirty year old table, the world stops.

Only 4 of the 7 weekly attendees are related. The other three we welcome with open arms. We’ve welcomed neighbors, strangers, and loved ones to the table.

My mom, being the chef that she is, comes up with amazing recipes for our dinner meals. Each week is something better than the next. Of course, we have our staple items. We all get our turn to pick what we want to eat.

Family time is the highlight of my entire week. Do you have family time? What does it meant to you?


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